The SuperLife Group is About --
Technology, People, & Ideas For Creating a Super Life

What you can expect from us: Our mission is to share with our members the most incredible ideas and technology for making life better. Its an ongoing quest to uncover and invent things that to deal with lifes core issues, wealth- health- and personal development.

SuperLife Group is a LifeQuest Ventures company which is an R&D based enterprise whose focus on is all about tapping into our collective human potential. The SuperLife project is designed to bring you into that quest with us, by sharing some of the latest ideas in personal improvement technology and giving you access to latest ideas that you can apply to your life and your family.

Even though our world is undergoing tremendous change and there is a great deal of pressure to keep up with technology and in some cases just survive there are many SuperLifer's out there. People who live each day in an awaked state of consciousness and embrace the challenges in their life. If you don't feel that way - every day, we want to help. If you do feel that, then perhaps you can help others. This is the 'life quest' we are all on, within the human adventure. To become more than we are. To gain knowledge and wisdom and to pass it on to our fellow SuperLifers.

We are just in the embryonic stages of developing this venture... so some things you will notice we clearly don't have our act together on, and some things are this side of brilliant. And though we have been doing this work for more than 20 years, this venture and the way its being realized is new and still developing. We hope you will hang in there long enough, and excuse the fact that its a work in see this thing take shape and for you to personally profit from it.

Best Wishes,

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Dane Spotts
A Fellow "SuperLifer"


SuperLife's Mission Statement

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Living a Super Life means feeling alive and living fully in every moment. It is the realization and struggle to become more than you are. A quest for growth and self evolution. Even if you never reach your final goal, the effort itself yields it s own rewards. The journey becomes the destination. SuperLife Group is a community of such like minded people awakened to this core value, providing a place to meet, to share ideas and explore the best tools for optimzing health, accelerate wealth building and unleash personal power. Join us in this life quest -- won't you?