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Perhaps you've had a chance to browse around a bit and listen to my message and read our mission statement. Maybe you're a customer right now. Next, I want to ask you to join us. As a member you not only have access to the free section and get discounts and member benefits, which are just rewards and bribes so to speak for honoring us with your business. No I mean something more Join our mission. Become a true SuperLifer -- embracing new possibilities in your life

Here's how to do that --

1. Sign up here (you may already have)

2. Tell me what you are interested in seeing here.. you can email me your thoughts.

3. In the weeks and months ahead I will be sending you our newsletter which will include invitations to events that may include online live lectures, books that you can read, audio and video workshops. If you know of something we should be sharing with other members in our group let me know.

I've set up a special mailbox to receive your input, and would love to hear from you. I may not be able to always respond right away, but please know your input is highly valued.

Thats all for now. We are still in the embryonic stages of putting this all together and with the current ventures and technologies offered its a lot to digest.

For now then... here is my special email box - let me know your thoughts.




SuperLife's Mission Statement

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Living a Super Life means feeling alive and living fully in every moment. It is the realization and struggle to become more than you are. A quest for growth and self evolution. Even if you never reach your final goal, the effort itself yields it s own rewards. The journey becomes the destination. SuperLife Group is a community of such like minded people awakened to this core value, providing a place to meet, to share ideas and explore the best tools for optimzing health, accelerate wealth building and unleash personal power. Join us in this life quest -- won't you?