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The 5-Minute Workday

Activate your Trading Machine(tm) and watch it hunt market opportunities and trade automatically, without any action on your part. No emotions. No fear. No stress. Using tested algorithms based on patterns of market behavior, your chain of trading machine robots racks up profits while you sleep, fish, golf, work, or just enjoy your family...

by Dane Spotts

   I know it sounds incredible. Well, it is. Five years of R&D. Countless sleepless nights, and more capital invested than I would care to admit... we are almost ready to release the biggest secret to hit the trading world...since the invention of the Internet. We call it the Automated Trading Machine. Built by a company you're going to hear a lot more about in the future: Infinitrade.
   Using a new technology that builds on proven trading principles, it will give you an edge in the marketplace like nothing you've ever experienced.
Access Your Trading Machine From Anywhere in the World
   Your Trading Machine manages a series of interconnected trading robots from your private
server and is accessible from a PC or iPhone anywhere in the world. Here's why this is so unique.
   First off, we focused our technology on the FOREX (currency trading) markets. Why FOREX? Four reasons: 1) More than 3.2 Trillion Dollars per day. It's the largest market there is. 2) Liquidity. It's the most liquid market in the world – instant execution of your buy and sell orders. 3. Leverage. Up to 400:1 with some brokers. (USA is 50:1) 4) Volatility. Intense market movement that your Trading Machine rules play off. Of course you'll be able to trade gold and silver, futures and stocks too. But for now the focus is on Forex.
Our Technology Breakthrough
   Listen: We looked at everything. All the trading systems, the people, the technology. All promise riches, but here is what is wrong. It's too limiting. You are locked in to one trading strategy. And it
might work – for a while. But then when the market shifts, suddenly you start losing money fast or the performance is not there because market conditions have changed.
   InfiniTrade's approach is different. We don't believe in a "Holy Grail" trading system. There are some really solid and profitable trading systems out there, and smart people who trade them... but over time most stop working, or the trader has too much draw-down and starts losing money so they get scared and jump off that train, onto the next promise.
   InfiniTrade never set out to invent the perfect trading system. The idea was to create a technology framework that allows our members to plug in "unlimited" trading systems from a pool of tested strategies and run them as a robot chain. Automated rules – that can function independently or in sync... (continued on next page)
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