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The Ultra Meditation System

The 5-Level Ultra Meditation System For Transcendence...Peak Experiences & Discovering Your Place in the Universe.

It is widely known by science that only a small part of our total mental activity takes place in the conscious part of the mind. Science has no idea what really goes on in the vast portion of unconscious. This is unknown territory. What we do know is that those who make direct contact with their unconscious mind through meditation, find incredible personal insight and are able to remove self-limiting blocks that prevent them from achieving their goals and finding happiness in life. This is why people spend years studying meditation practices. To empty the mind so higher knowledge can be revealed to them, to reach higher states of consciousness, to access deep mystical truths, unlock the mysteries of the universe, and to unfold a state of enlightened awareness.

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45 Credits

The X-Mind Series

Experimental Mind Programs Carry Warning

The X-Mind programs were used by our team for experimentation purposes only. Being true mind warriors, we wanted to test the limits of the technologies we were creating, so we designed programs using settings in the extreme range. As one could imagine, many of these programs were incredible; taking us on mind-blowing journeys that rivaled any drug-induced experience - without any harmful side effects. However, because of the experimental nature of these programs, and because we didn't know what the long-term effects on a user would be, we never considered releasing an X-Mind program to the general public.

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Ultra Meditation VI: Eternity

Two Experimental Soundtracks launch your soul into a deepest "out of this world" meditation experience

This is pure consciousness. Eternity. A state of timelessness and connection to the very source of your being. But you don't need to be a mystic or a meditation master to find this place within yourself. Both soundtracks on this CD use a sophisticated neuro-matrix to induce this deep altered states experience. A special 3-D sound algorithm enhances this process, leading the mind on an extreme aural experience.

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40 Credits

Healing Music

The power of sound to heal

The eight Healing Music soundtracks include: Healing Dreams, Emotional Well-Being, Inner Harmony Tune-Up, Radiant Health, Peaceful Sleep, Dream Therapy, Inner Child Healing, and Spiritual Healing.

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40 Credits

The Millionaire's Mind

Implant the 21 success traits of a self-made millionaire

What if you could transplant the success traits of a self-made millionaire onto your brain cells? Not a literal brain transplant. Just the mental programming. Things like charisma, high energy, positive risk taking, success motivation, goal setting and the focus and commitment to overcome all obstacles. What do you think might happen? Well that's the premise behind an experimental program called the Millionaire's Mind — Wealth Conditioning System.

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$199.95 (CD)

The Brain Supercharger

Behavior modification library that will boost your brain to the heights
of success and beyond

Combining the power of Ultra Meditation with specially encoded mindscripting technology, this directs thousands of affirmations into your inner mind to rescript negative self-defeating beliefs and create positive results in all areas of life. Titles include: Ultra Weight Control • Ultra Success Conditioning • Attracting Money • Soaring Self Confidence • Quantum Selling • Peak Performance Managers • Peak Performance Athletes • Improving Love Relationships • Enjoy Sex More • Tennis Master • Golf Master • Super Memory • Ace Exams • Winning Personality • Enhancing Your Psychic Powers • Accelerated Learning • Unleashing Creativity • Healthy Body • and more.

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20 Credits

Moodscapes Meditation

3-D Mind Escapes

Powerful 3-D soundforms on these four Moodscape Environments mix musical patterns and a special neuro-matrix into four powerful and unique meditations that transport your mind into the environment.