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by Dane Spotts

   Would you like the power to see into the past or future? To be able to accurately describe (even sketch) an object thousands of miles away you've never seen? To predict the outcome of a horse race or football game? To find the location of a missing person or lost treasure? To know the precise direction you should be going at any given moment in your life?
Psychic spies go public
   A formerly top secret program, the Pentagon spent $20 million developing Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). Now you not only have a chance to learn this amazing skill, but if you demonstrate talent and a willingness to work hard, we may hire you as part of our operational team.
   You'll be trained just like they were in mlitary intelligence, but through our online university where you can study at your pace using our advanced training system. You'll learn how to take a blind target (meaning you have no pre-knowledge of what you are viewing) and using a very rigid set of mental procedures be able to describe that target using words and sketches. It's impossible to describe the process in we put together a
demonstration of exactly how it works online. You can see that here.
"...if you didn't believe that remote viewing was real, you didn't do your homework..."
- Major General Edmund R. Thompson, Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, 1977-81
What happens after you graduate?
   Once you've installed this amazing skill into your mind, all you need is practice. It's like training a muscle. The more you exercise it the stronger it becomes. We provide ongoing tutoring and access to training targets to fine hone your skills. You'll learn not just how to find things, but how to apply this skill to business and money making applications. Like discovering oil or gold, horse racing, sports betting, determining market trends, and yes even predicting the stock market. Imagine uncovering scientific breakthroughs that fill technology gaps. Investing
in the next Google, or just optimizing your own business.
   I realize how incredible this must seem and so I invite you to tour TRV University and review the videos. If you think you want to try this then fill out the online student application. I'll see to it that your application is reviewed for receiving an instant tuition scholarship. As I said I am not just looking for students, but future team members. Once you graduate, you'll receive a certificate of completion and you can go off on your own to work projects, or if you are up for it...apply with us as a professional viewer.
   Even if you never join our team, this training will change your life forever. You'll have a skill that very few possess and be able to do things others will scoff at as impossible. To find out if you qualify and are able to participate... (continued on next page)
TRV Student Scholarship
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